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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have minimums?

We have a 2 staff member minimum on events larger than 40 people, a $1,700 minimum on all events with our mobile bars, and a 4-hour minimum on all services and rentals for Friday-Sunday Events. There is a great amount of time, and work that goes into our mobile bar builds, maintenance, and importantly, before and after each event consist of a 12-hour day to ensure they are clean, and as pristine as the first event they ever did. We are constantly adding touches, repairs, and maintenance to our bars to keep them in their dapper condition and 'photo worthy.'  

If we’re not having alcohol at our event, can we still use the trailer?

Absolutely! We can use our trailer for any idea you choose. We specialize in our mocktails just as much as we do cocktails and have serviced as a lemonade or soda bar in the past.

How many mobile bars do you have?

Willow "the Original" is our first bar, she is featured with a galvanized pipe two draft beer system, matte black sink, exterior cedar wood paneling, with a black shiplap interior wall accented by subway tiles and rustic tin backsplash. Lit up by string lighting, Willow really makes a statement. 

Our second and larger horse trailer, Maybelle. This trailer is a pure white trailer with a grey washed exterior wood paneling, with interior white shiplap wood paneling, she features two serving bar tops. The wood for this trailer is very unique, the grey cypress was sourced from the bottom of a river. She is featured with touches of modern chic' and farmhouse. 

Our third bar made its way from England, Bence is a Tiffany blue van/bus, imported Citroën HY 1974, this bar truck adds a very unique touch to any event. He drives, however, to ensure his pristine condition we trailer him on a 24ft trailer bed to events. He is retro, cute and funky, truly unique and one of a kind. 

Can I taste the cocktails before my event?

We do offer an add on Cocktail Tasting for $300, at our office in Largo, Florida or travel free of charge within 20 miles. This will include a drink tasting with selected signature cocktails, to ensure we meet your expectations prior to your event. We will provide the ingredients; you provide the booze. We prepare and purchase supplies for 6 cocktails of choice and up to 4 guests. Cocktail tastings are only scheduled and planned after services are secured. 

What size liquor bottles should we purchase?

For best serving practices of quick and efficient service, we ask our clients to supply 750mL bottles or 1 Liter bottles, especially for larger parties. However, we will not refrain from serving 1.75L as we understand they can be more budget friendly.

Where are you located?


The Tipsy Trotter is based out of Seminole, Florida. The great thing is we are mobile and travel all around the Tampa Bay area, surrounding counties, and Central Florida. Our first 10 miles are free of charge, and we charge a $2.50 mile, for anything greater than 10 miles from 33772. Anything exceeding a 3-hour drive, will require an additional $250 for lodging accommodations. 
Contact us today and see if you are in our travel area!

What type of events does the Tipsy Trotter serve?


We love all types of celebrations! 

Here is a list of a few:  Wedding, Corporate Happy Hour, Bridal Shower, Birthday, Launch Party, Grand Opening, Work Event, Rehearsal Dinner, Holiday Party, Showers, Backyard BBQ, Engagement, Charity, Bar Mitzvah, Block Party, Reunions, Corporate Event

Anything that involves a good drink...

How soon should we book a bar?


As soon as possible! We operate on a first come, first serve basis, and bar of choice. A 50% non - refundable retainer and signed contract must be in place to secure a date. This retainer will go towards your final payment. Unfortunately, since we block out your date specifically from further inquiries, we do not offer a retainer refund on cancellations.

Do you service without the trailers?


Yes! Sometimes our trailers are not the right fit, but our service is! We service events without our mobile bars. 

We can service from your venue's bar space, or we have a portable bars rental to service larger events, indoor, or multiple bar events. 

Do you offer glassware?


We do not carry glassware in our inventory. You can rent this through a third party, we do have recommendations and suggestions on how much to order and of what sizes. We do need to know when glassware is provided as our bars have limited storage space. We DO offer Tossware! It is an upgrade to our plastic cups and an alternative to glassware. It is crystal clear, shatterproof, recyclable, reusable, and offered in many sizes and styles. 

Can you serve beer out of kegs?


Yes. Our bar Willow is equipped with 2 tap draft beer system. The keg storage area can fit one half keg or two slim quarter kegs, while keeping them icy cold for the duration of your party. Keg usage will incur a handling fee for the extra ice, C02 and lifting. Additional kegs can be set on ice to keep them cold before they go into the appropriate space. We require the kegs to arrive at the venue 3 hours prior to serving, to ensure they settle in time. Please let us know in advance if you will be purchasing draft beer, so we can appropriately bring C02 for service. Our other two bars do not have draft beer however we offer a portable Jack Daniels Draft beer jockey box for rental.

What is your cancellation policy?


We require a 50% non-refundable initial payment to reserve the date. The remaining balance is due 30 days from event day, any cancellations made within 30 days of event date, loose the right to a full refund. 

Do you have any additional fees?

A 18% Admin. and Service charge will be added to all invoices. If a tip jar is opted out, a 25% gratuity will be added to final invoice. 

What is your average pricing for an event?

Each event is unique, which means each package price is tailored to the event. Our events vary in price depending on client's needs, how many hours, guests, day of the week, bartenders needed, if there are signature cocktails. Prices typically start around $1,700- $2,000. For 100 guests our clients pricing averages between $2,500- $4,000.

Who provides the alcohol? Can you do a cash bar?

We do not carry a liquor license, we are however insured to service alcohol, we can service any private events, where drinks are free to guests (birthday, wedding, shower, corporate event, etc.) but in order to service public events we cannot sell alcohol. We are a dry bar for hire, we can help in the process of shopping for you through recommendations and quantity suggestions. But due to licensing in the State of Florida we are not allowed to supply (sell) the alcohol. This means we cannot do a cash bar. We can provide our business license and COI (proof of insurance) to your venue if they require it. 

However, our services include a consultation and prepared shopping list for quantity and product suggestions. From experience we feel the flexibility of purchasing your own alcohol reduces our client’s overall alcohol cost, as you have the advantage of returning any unopened product. It also gives you the flexibility to choose what products you want to have served, selecting brands within your budget, this allows us to get totally creative with your cocktails.  We want to make the day as enjoying and stress free as possible. We offer packages that everything you'll need (*minus the alcohol.) 

Do you need electricity?

A 30amp electrical outlet to plug in within 75 feet is needed to ensure our bar has lighting, we always bring extension cords. We only run a string light, not much power is needed.

Do you have insurance?

Yes, we carry general and $2 million liquor liability insurance. If you have any questions on your venue’s restrictions, we would love to reach out to them. We will gladly add your venue on our COI and send your venue a copy. We are a Limited Liability Company, and our staff carries Food and Alcohol Certification, ServSafe Management and/or TIPS certification.


If my venue has a bar space can you set that up to work from as well?

Yes! We offer additional bar station set ups. Our first bar set up and breakdown is included in the base price, any additional bar set up is $140 per bar station, for the additional labor, coolers, bars tools needed. We can operate multiple bar stations all night depending on amount of event staff, or just for cocktail hour.

What are the placement requirements for the bar?

Our ideal place for placement would be as close to leveled ground as possible for service. As well as being able to remove the trailer from the location after hours.  

What are the measurements for the bars?

Bar Willow 

8 Ft 7in.  High

8-10* Ft Wide (with serving window open*)

13-16* Ft Long (with back door open*)


Bar Bence

7 Ft High

8-10* Ft Wide (with serving window open*)

15-17* Ft Long (with back door open*)​

Bar Maybelle 

8 Ft High

8-10* Ft Wide (with serving window open*)

16-18* Ft Long (with back door open*)

*When doors and concession windows open

Can we add décor?


We truly love styling our trailer tailored to each event. When a client books with us, we love to get all the details of our client's vision for their special day. Add us to your Pinterest board! We have a warehouse full of decor, and per your vision we bring along select items and have rental options for larger pieces.

But yes, you are welcome to add decorations to the trailer to help match the look for your event. Any decorations added by the client must be placed décor (no hanging) or anything that would permanently alter the trailer.

What drinks do you serve?


A part of our service that makes us stand out, is we love to create delicious and presentable craft cocktails. We make all our juices, syrups, shrubs and garnishes in house. When it comes to ingredients, we deliver, always fresh. We do not have a pre-set list of cocktails; these are tailored through detailed planning with our clients.

If you choose to have signature drinks, we have a taste profile form we have you fill out to get an idea of what you like, from there we build some awesome cocktails for you to choose from. 

Can you move the mobile bar to another location?

Once set up and in place our mobile bars cannot be moved. We can offer a portable bar if you are needing a bar space setup somewhere else for things such as Cocktail Hour.

What is your rain plan?


Let’s be honest, Florida's weather is unpredictable! Due to our advanced booking, we cannot predict rain or bad weather dates. In the event rain or bad weather is projected for your outdoor event, we are happy to work with your tent vendor to find the appropriate size tent for our bar services. Tents must be at minimum 9ft tall for our bars to fit inside.

How much should I expect to spend on alcohol?


A good amount of variables goes into your alcohol cost, including things such as brands, styles, sizes, amount of options. During our planning process we will gather insight from you on what options you wish to have and from there we will build a customized shopping list for you, best places to purchase, and places to return your alcohol. Unfortunately, we do not put this together prior to securing our services. This is typically put together 3 months out from event date, however if our clients need it sooner, we can assist. 

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